Camber Sands

My ongoing project on Camber Sands, a small seaside resort on the south coast.

Spring Shoots


emerge creep


Winter series.


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Windows of the soul…

Thinking about my childhood that this scene is reminiscent of- red, grey, brown, green; concrete, bricks, boxes and layers, and especially net curtains. For me, providing a cloak over internal angst, whilst softening the external.

on portraits that give back…

For many years I have sought ways to develop a photography project with rough sleeping/homeless people. I have worked in the homeless sector for over 20 years, and this experience as well as personal experience, informs my opinion. My main concern is that photographers deliver a project that they then reap the kudos for, and I am not usually clear what they have left behind for those they have documented or portrayed. If there is a legacy, and perhaps I am being unfair in assuming the lack of one, it is not clear. The usual sentiment is that the experience of producing such work leaves the photographer enriched, understanding how lucky they are, how they appreciate small things more, they feel better people and so on. But what did they leave behind?

During Brighton Photo Fringe/Brighton Photo Biennial I attended a talk by Anthony Luvera, who seemed to articulate this concern and who is working in a way that prioritises a practice that gives back to those participating in work with him. Here is a link to some of his work and approach:

and of course, Photovoice, a charity that promotes and empowers participative projects globally: