“salt”- on motherhood/daughterhood

This is a project I am working on with the TriPod project development group led by Miranda Gavin and Wendy Pye. I am exploring my experience as a mother of a teenage girl embarking on young womanhood, and how to reflect this shared journey visually; feelings of loss/transition/gains. This project will include some poems. Using analogue, digital and scanned photographs.


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Haikus for Salt Project

Three years of lunar cycles
Five hearts fluttered into ink
Each a breath of hope.

You grow, taking paths
They divide loop and detour
I know how to wait.

My eyes leech salt as
I surge the sea, horizon
drifts me back to calm

Then you need my arms
Your hair waterfalls softly
Eroding edges.


You are restless, cannot sleep

Draw against me, and soon your breath deepens into a rhythm

I have felt and heard all your life.

Your eyes are busy,

Scan up and down the backlit


That defeat me.

I am still

Still here

You retreat from me

Alone and not

I remain still

Sometimes desolate.

I see you as I felt long ago

I know.

It is all so new and fast for you

The internal and the world as it is.

I will be here


When you need to be.